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Platform update

 31 Mar 2022

Hi All,

We've recently tidied up a couple of small things:

  • BUG resolved: Duplicate entries in field guides will now be cleaned up whenever the affected species is edited/updated/merged/moved etc. Moderators: If you notice any duplicate entries in any field guide, please simply edit the species and click Save, and the system should clean it up for you

  • BUG resolved: If you try to upload a sighting from the mobile app against a species that no longer exists, the sighting will fall back to Unidentified rather than crashing.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Contact form has been tightened up so that various types of requests now flow through to the correct team/area/people. Species/Category/Sighting queries will go through to your project administrator for the region (I.e. ACT/CNM). Feature/bug requests and/or applications to become an Administrator will go through to the core product team who are working on the platform

This is just a small start.. We are working on many other items and will provide further updates ASAP.



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