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18 Apr 2022

Hi All,We've just extended our coverage to be Australia wide with the addition of SA, NT, TAS and WA regions. This means you can simply open the NatureMapr mobile app anywhere in Australia and upload sightings from anywhere! And it will go through to the respective region.We now have a lot more work...

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Latest discussion

trevorpreston wrote:
13 May 2022
I have suggested this mole cricket is Gryllotalpa australis (Rentz p357). It is not nitidula because its pronota is not smooth shiny and dark, leaving australis or coarctata. I believe its australis because of how dark the tegmina are.

Gryllotalpa australis (TBC)
KylieWaldon wrote:
2 May 2022
WOW. I'd name it after the cisticola! I haven't seen one for ages and ages!

Malurus cyaneus
KylieWaldon wrote:
26 Apr 2022
Agree totally. And the immature ones look like they have a messy row of pearls or crumbs on their breast!

Philemon corniculatus
Darcy wrote:
25 Apr 2022
Ah I love the white feathers around the necks of Noisy Friarbirds, it looks like they're all wearing feather boas XD

Philemon corniculatus
SamC_ wrote:
24 Apr 2022
Great work team!

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