Fortnightly Update

Posted by Choyster

 10 Nov 2023

Hello NatureMaprs.

With 2023 wrapping up the NatureMapr team has been working behind the scenes, stamping out bugs and developing new features to ensure the platform is kept running smoothly!

  • A national region hover map has been installed at the bottom of the homepage for easy access to each region's page.
  • The Moderator information and user's Roles and Responsibilities pages have been updated, including some useful infographics.
  • Our platform's compatibility has been improved with bulk uploads from alternative platforms enabled, see the Help and Support page for instructions.
  • Field guides, Survey Richness Scores and Survey Effort Scores (for each map) are now being updated by sightings in real-time.
  • Blue ticks are now being displayed for verified government users.
  • The recent pollinator survey has led to several improvements in the data entry process and time stamps.
  • Formatting on the website has also been improved.
  • A minor app update 4.3.1 for Android and Apple with minor bug fixes.
  • We plan to run a monthly webinar with user-selected topics to discuss, stay tuned for more details.
  • We've had a couple school visits to Evelyn Scott School (Molongolo River) and to the University of Canberra Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra - if you know of a school that'd be interested feel free to let us know!

From the NatureMapr Team, we hope you all have a great weekend!


   10 Nov 2023
Fantastic update @Choyster and thanks for all your hard work and early success with the schools program so far.
JaneR wrote:
   11 Nov 2023
i love the grey half tone graphics at bottom of web page
UserKC wrote:
   11 Nov 2023
This sight is getting more interesting and more useful daily. Thank you all.
AndyRoo wrote:
   16 Nov 2023
Ditto from me. I particularly like the the national region hover map and updates re Field guides, Survey Richness Scores and Survey Effort Scores.
When I'm advertising Friends of Grasslands requests for grassy ecosystem grants applications, to an Australia wide mailing list, I always give a NatureMapr plug at the bottom of the advert. Reference to these updates will help with my plug.

I have no idea if any of the recipients on my mailing list have become NatureMapr users and contributors as a result? Perhaps it's something worth asking when new members sign up and also asking what has motivated them to sign up?
Choyster wrote:
   20 Nov 2023
Hi @AndyRoo, that's really good to hear and yes, that would be a great help for gauging user engagement with NatureMapr! Feel free to message me your recipients' responses via the website.
Choyster wrote:
   20 Nov 2023
Thank you everyone for your positive feedback!
AndyRoo wrote:
   21 Nov 2023
Hi @Choyster, in my comment was meant to read "Perhaps it's something worth asking when new NatureMapr members sign up and also asking what has motivated them to sign up?". When I do my plug for NatureMapr I am not signing up anybody I am merely trying to make them aware of NatureMapr and hope some of them take a look and better still get involved.

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