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Hi There! I'm Ciaran, a full-time student & nature-lover living on Ngunnawal land in the Nations Capital. On CNM I look after the plant cateogories as a moderator & try my best to identify the thousands of sightings you all put up during the year. I also spend a good deal of my time photographing biodiveristy, mostly the plants (the best kind). So far i'm at 4000 sightings and counting which is a number I'm rather proud of. I'm a pretty adventurous person especially during the summer when I'm not bogged down with exams, there is always another mountain to climb as far as i'm concerned. My goal over the last couple of years has been to document the flora of the ACT highest peaks, im currently at 13 & counting. If you'd like to know a little bit more about me you can find that on my Inat profile, Now grab your camera and head on out there, happy naturemapping!

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Eucalyptus polyanthemos (TBC) at Avenel, VIC - 24 Sep 2022 by Tapirlord
Eucalyptus polyanthemos (TBC) at Avenel, VIC - 24 Sep 2022 by Tapirlord
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