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Dictyochrysa fulva

Green Lacewing

Generally dark brown. Face unmarked; sometimes traces of black 'U' on vertex; pronotum may have traces of pattern visible. Antennae blackened from about flagellomere 20 to apex. Legs brown with apices of all tibia and of hind femur darkened. Basal regions of wings yellowed, pterostigma dark brown.. Crossveins black. From Australian Chrysopedae, T R New (1980) p 8; Dictyochrysa have 5 to 7 rows of polygon cells (mainly hexagonal).

Dictyochrysa fulva is listed in the following regions:

Canberra & Southern Tablelands  |  Hume

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Species information

  • Dictyochrysa fulva Scientific name
  • Green Lacewing Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
  • 625.1m to 649.1m Recorded at altitude
  • Machine learning

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